The Democratization of Video: Everyone Can Have A Voice

On August 3rd, Ignite San Diego 2 was held at the HIVE241 Coworking Space in downtown San Diego.  Two hundred people gathered to watch 5 minute presentations, with 20 slides that automatically change every 15 seconds, on a variety of topics.  Ignite was started as a personal project of O’Reilly’s Brady Forrest and Bre Pettis.  They held the first one in Seattle in 2006.

To see more from Ignite San Diego 2, you can visit the Slideshare Event page, which includes presenters’ slideshow presentations or you can check out the Flickr photos from the event.  I have included my presentation, The Democratization of Video: Everyone Can Have A Voice, as well as the transcript below.

1. OPEN VIDEO is about giving everyone a voice to tell stories, persuade, & reveal.

To create, manipulate, & share video without barriers.

We all have the power to reach the masses & the freedom to produce.

2. Open Video is a movement to promote free expression & innovation in online video, while encouraging sharing & a participatory culture.

Basic technologies for transmission of video must be open source & available to use on a royalty-free basis.

3. We all deserve freedom of expression & freedom from censorship.

Open video requires legal & business structures to support the ability of large numbers of individuals to use video in many ways.

OPEN VIDEO must be part of the OPEN WEB.

4. Broadcast used to only refer to radio or TV, however now everyone has the opportunity to create, produce, & broadcast media on the internet, with the proper tools & accessibility.

The TV broadcast model is dying & we are moving to an online, on-demand model.

5. Video is becoming a primary tool for self-expression.

Video cameras, like a Flip or cellphone, & desktop editing software, like Cinelerra or Open Movie Editor, are now cheap & ubiquitous. Casual computer users to speak to a mass audience.

6. The Principles for an Open Video Ecosystem are a technical road map for a more decentralized, diverse, competitive, accessible, interoperable, & innovative future of video.

A more democratic use of video will make it comparable to text & images today.

7. Video creation, editing, & playback tools should be accessible, as well as royalty free formats & codecs.

Software platforms should support open standards & licenses, while video content must be available without technological barriers & allow for self-distribution.

8. Open video has some specific issues including: fair use, licensing, device freedom, broadband & educational access, HTML5, net neutrality, privacy, & universal accessibility.

9. Creative Commons is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to making it easier for people to share, remix, & reuse the work of others.

They provide creators with a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions to their creative works.

10. Last month Vimeo announced support for Creative Commons licensing.

YouTube will soon follow by rolling out a program with several University partners.

And Wikipedia now encourages the upload of user generated videos under the Creative Commons Share Alike license.

11. Most videos on the web are delivered using Flash & H264, proprietary technologies.

HTML5 allows for the writing of advanced web apps, including video, but its apps are woven into the fabric of the web, unlike most Flash apps.

12. In May, Google, Mozilla, & Opera announced a new open video format, WebM.

Google is freely licensing their VP8 compression technology.

With the introduction of a freely licensed, high quality codec, Google may help to advance HTML5 adoption.

13. Apple supports H264 in Safari & on all of its devices.

It’s one of the technical reasons Steve Jobs cites for why there is less need to support Flash.

H264 is owned by the MPEG-LA consortium; of which Apple & Microsoft are patent holders.

14. Microsoft’s IE9 will support playback of H264 video.

It will also support WebM, if the VP8 codec is installed locally by the user.

The relationship between new & existing industry players will play a major role in shaping the open video ecosystem.

15. Recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation won a new protection for video remix artists.

Now, amateur creators don’t violate the DMCA when they use short excerpts from DVDs in order to create new, noncommercial works for purposes of criticism or comment.

16. There are a plethora of opensource video editors for Linux & Windows.

There are also online tools, in fact YouTube introduced their cloud video editor in June.

If you are looking for a multi format player, options include Miro, VLC, & MPlayer.

17. There are also open source audio editing tools for recording audio, editing the duration & timeline, mixing multiple tracks, applying simple effects & converting between audio file formats.

This is a screenshot of Audcacity, which works with Windows, Mac OSX, & Linux.

18. Kaltura is an open source platform that enables any site to integrate advanced interactive rich–media functionality.

Miro Community is a free, hosted CMS for online video websites emphasizing feed aggregation & viewer interaction.

19. The Open Video Alliance provides a framework to help incubate new projects & campaigns to advance the open video movement.

OVA members like Mozilla, the Participatory Culture Foundation, & Kaltura are building open video with free,  open source software.

20. I encourage you to check out the Open Video Alliance’s site if you are interested in this topic.  I’ve gotten a lot of my information for this presentation from their site.

I have also included my “openvideo” bookmarks, which encompasses a lot of my research on this topic.

Why passively consume; when you can actively participate.

Dawn Hiking Above the Clouds at Daley Ranch’s Stanley Peak

One very early Sunday morning in January, I found myself making my way to Daley Ranch in the northeastern part of Escondido.  I needed to record footage of a sunrise for a video contest I was entering.  I found that the park’s highest peak is Stanley Peak & decided to trek there in hopes of capturing the sunlight spill over the horizon.  When I arrived at the La Honda entrance of the park, it was still dark & the moon was bright in the sky.  Upon my research, I found that Daley Ranch schedules a moonlight hike to & from Stanley Peak, when there is a full moon, which in this case had been Friday evening.

The night prior I searched online for a map of the trails at Daley Ranch & planned my path.  My hike began on the Ranch House trail.  It was extremely still & quiet, almost spooky.  After passing the actual Ranch House & some dilapidated buildings, I followed the Sage Trail which leads to the peak.   At one point I heard a pack of coyotes in the distance; which I admit, freaked me out for a minute or two.  The sky began to get pinker as time passed & I found myself coming upon pockets of cold air every once in a while.  I was relieved to see the Stanley Peak sign, however I knew I still had some major uphill hiking to do.  While ascending the steep grade, the sun started peaking through the brush.  After passing the Old Water Tank, I was almost there.  I seemed to be above the fog in the valley of Escondido (meaning “hidden” in Spanish).  Arriving at the peak, I took in the panoramic view.  What a sight & accomplishment! ~ especially so early on a Sunday morning.

After only several minutes, I heard voices & noticed some mountain bikers heading my way.  It was treacherous enough just hiking this terrain, so I can’t imagine biking it.  Amazing!  After getting some video, I made my way down the grade & eventually wandered back to the parking lot, realizing how far I had walked.  Though I used this footage for a video contest, I decided to re-cut it with my favorite shots & different music.

Here are also some past photos taken at Daley Ranch & Dixon Lake:

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