What better time than now for a Cat Ambush?

I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now, & have had many excuses, mainly that I was too busy with work & side projects.   However my shift of focus from juggling others’ projects & recent events have thrust me into finally making it a reality.  So here it is, a work in progress, & here’s what has been going on of late.

On February 23rd, the website icanhascheezburger.com contacted me through a YouTube message asking for permission to use & edit my Cat on Cat Ambush video posted last August.  I am a huge fan of the site & get their emails in my inbox every day, so of course I obliged.  I was lucky enough to see Ben Huh & Eric Nakagawa from icanhascheezburger.com speak at SXSW in 2008 & their presentation & slideshow were a riot, plus there were cheeseburgers for the audience members afterwards, which was a bonus.  Nearly a month passed before my video was posted on their YouTube channel (March 20th) & it appears to have been posted on their website on April 7th, when I happened to see a few comments pop up on my channel.  I hadn’t given it too much thought & wasn’t even sure if they’d post it.  It wasn’t until Thursday that I actually saw the hits on their YouTube channel.  Thursday afternoon they had over 372,000 hits for the video & comments were flying.  Positive & negative.  The negative comments stemmed from the loud audio at the end of the video.  If you have not seen it, consider yourself warned.  Today the video had accumulated over 1/2 million hits on their YouTube site & over 35,000 on my site.  It has also been reposted on other sites including Break.com, BuzzFeed.com, & LiveLeak.com, & at least one other that took it for their own.

Who would’ve known that a video I took on a little Sony DSC-S730 of two cats playing last summer, while I was visiting family on the east coast, would become viral 8 months later.  Here are both versions of the video.

Cat on Cat Ambush (the original)

Cat Ambush! (the Cheezburger version)